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Metso IT Globalization

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Metso Paper, the world's largest producer of paper machines, aims to transform itself into a knowledge- and information-based service and solution provider for the paper industry by aggressively exploiting information technologies. In the fall of 2002, Jorma Hujala, a vice-president of the Development, References, and Projects Department of Metso Paper's largest business unit, Rautpohja, attended a corporate-wide brainstorming meeting to decide how to improve the paper machine production and delivery process. Due to low growth in its traditional markets, the company needs to consider extending its strategy and business model to become not just a machine producer but also a supplier of services related to the value chain of paper production. In executing the new strategy, the company considers its world-class knowledge and capabilities to be its key competitive asset. Over the past decade, the department had improved project delivery performance through aggressive use of IT. Hujala and his team had to think carefully about how to enable and support the new corporate strategy and how to continue to develop their IT services and competencies accordingly.

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Questions Covered

1. How did TASMAN become strategically important?

2. How did management attitudes and decisions regarding IT facilitate the transformation of Metso from a local metal factory to a global, high technology manufacturer?

3. How did the company measure the impact of IT over the course of time?