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Eagle Industries Office Supplies Sourcing

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Eagle Industries has over 15000 employees and in order to stay competitive in the changing business environment, the management needed to identify ways to increase the bottom line by increasing the revenue and decreasing the costs associated with operations. At the same time, they needed to improve the quality of their services marginally so as to stay ahead of the competition and this case is focused on their perspective of decreasing costs. A strategic team made to identify the avenues where the organization could cut costs identified all the aspects where costs are incurred and identified that the fastest way to reduce them would be to target the outsourced office supplies. A preliminary overview identified gaping flaws in the existing system and further analysis was conducted to identify the root causes, the existing industry standards and to find conclusive solutions that would help the company achieve its goal. The analysis compared the existing model with Monczka's model and identified the factors that were consistent and inconsistent with the industry standard laying the groundwork for identification of potential solutions.

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1.       Summary

2.       Introduction & Problem Identification

3.       Analysis

4.       Available Options

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