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Building Successful Information Systems 8 Security

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Building Successful Information Systems: Five Best Practices to Ensure Organizational Effectiveness and Profitability is a 10-chapter book published by the Business Expert Press in 2012 and written by Michael J. Savoie, the Director of the Center for Information Technology and Management in the Naveen Jindal School of Management at the University of Texas, Dallas. To optimize the use of computer systems for management purposes, the author advises managers to first understand their own business processes and information flows - then the company can apply the author's model, the five rights of data, to build an effective system: the right data, in the right place, at the right time, reaching the right person, in the right format. By creating a strong system aligned with a company's specific information flow, managers can use information systems to support competitive strategy. The author illustrates this process through real-world examples and provides practical tools for corporate leaders. Chapter 8, Security (10 pages), explores the potential for cyber crime and how a company can protect against it. The author cites current research that shows how companies are not taking sufficient action to ensure data security. He describes the three most common causes of data exposure: negligence by a well-meaning insider, a targeted hack from an external source, and a data breech from a malicious insider. He provides seven practical steps that companies can take to prevent and mitigate the damage resulting from these data losses. Most important, says the author, is a change in mindset that provides for user access while employing newly emerging tools in the company's security platform.

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