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Dove Evolution of a Brand

Case Solution

Examines the evolution of Dove from functional brand to a brand with a point of view after Unilever designated it as a master-brand, and expanded its portfolio to cover entries into a number of sectors beyond the original bath soap category. The development causes the brand team to take a fresh look at the cliches of the beauty industry. The result is the controversial Real Beauty campaign. As the campaign unfolds, Unilever learns to use the Internet, and particularly social network media like YouTube, to manage controversy. Video Supplement available for purchase through Harvard Business Publishing's customer service department. This case is accompanied by a Video Short for Premium Educators to show in class. To watch the video or display to students, click on the video icon.

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Questions Covered

1. Why does Unilever want fewer brands?

2. What was Dove‟s market positioning in the 1950s? What is its positioning in 2007?

3. How did Unilever organize its product category and brand management activities before 2000? What is the corresponding structure post-2000?

4. How was brand meaning controlled prior to 2000, and how is it controlled at the time of the case? What are the risks and rewards of its strategy?

5. What are people saying about Dove today? (You will need to go online and search blogs to answer this question.)

6. Do you see risks for the Dove brand today?