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From In house to Joint R&D The Way forward for Nokia Denmark

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It is quite difficult to come up with a single solution to the predicament of Nokia Denmark. The aforementioned alternatives have both pros and cons. However, it depends upon the ground situation as well as the input of the stakeholders to come up with a solution, which is not only operationally feasible but also enable the company to overcome present problem. In order to rationally assess the alternatives, it is imperative that complete and comprehensive analysis of the alternatives is done. It will allow taking into account the tradeoffs related to the strategic alternatives. It is also essential that challenges pertaining to Nokia Denmark in its relationship with Foxconn are also assessed. And lastly, the succeeding discussion will present recommendations in case of Nokia decides to maintain its relationship with Foxconn.

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1.       Consider the key challenges facing Nokia in its joint R&D with Foxconn in China. If Nokia is to continue with (perhaps even scale up) the JRD, how should it organize and manage the joint product development activities?

2.       Introduction

3.       Key Challenges

4.       Organization and Management of Joint Product Development Activities

5.       Conclusion